What is Forward Foundry

Forward Foundry is dedicated to the development of media and educational experiences for people of all ages. Our aim is to creatively design content and opportunities that offer fresh perspective for and direct contact with the world at large.

In 2012 we did something uncommon. As two best friends, we quit our jobs, packed up our homes, and set off on a journey around the world.

This was not your typical trip, however. We wanted to give people a window into our travels around the world to share our highs and lows, brighten and enlighten a moment of someone’s day, and ultimately invite our followers to explore alongside us. Proudly, we called our journey Global Encounter. Global Encounter started as a website (http://global-encounter.com) hosting videos of us sharing the incredible adventures we had as we traveled. We launched a Facebook page where people received real-time updates of where we were and what we were doing, along with our photos from around the world.

Forward Foundry serves as a launching pad for a variety of ideas we have had as a result of our adventures across the globe. We have found that as we have been introduced to new cultures and ways of life, our creativity has been set on fire!

We hope you’ll follow us on our future journeys to impact the world at large. To follow the pursuits of our non-profit, please visit http://theactivegive.org.