About Us

Toby Tull is the kind of guy who can engage you in captivating conversation for hours and will leave you wondering where the time went. He’s also an idea machine; creative and big-picture-minded, he loves a good challenge. He’s the epitome of “tech-geek” and is the earliest adopter you’ll ever meet. He left the corporate world in late 2011 after working at a media firm in Dallas, TX to travel the world. Email him by clicking here.

David Aycock balances the equation with passion for random facts and thrilling experiences. Also from Dallas, he keeps things lighthearted and interesting (at least he thinks so) and is always up for meeting a new friend. He left the non-profit world after more than 4 years as Assistant Director of Camp John Marc, a respected Texas summer camp that serves children with chronic illnesses and physical disabilities. Email him by clicking here.