The GE Experience

The GE Experience Vision

The GE Experience is built on a dream to inspire students to engage in learning about the world around them. We believe one of the most important things we can instill in students is a passion for global citizenship. We aim to inspire their imaginations by introducing them to new landscapes, interesting cultures, foreign languages, and world history. We operate with the understanding that student curiosity is tantamount to success in the classroom. So how do we do it?

Leading up to 2012, we crafted the Global Encounter Experience, an unique experience following us on a 11 month journey around the world through over 20 countries. With dozens of classrooms totaling more than 1,500 elementary school students from around the country came on board, the GE Experience was about to take flight.

What kind of impact is GE Experience having on students? See for yourself:

What is the GE Experience?

The GE Experience is an innovative way to bring elementary students on exciting adventures with world-travelers Toby Tull and David Aycock—right from the classroom. Studying and engaging world cultures enhance students’ creativity and critical-thinking skills, so what better way to teach than to give them a direct window into fascinating foreign places?

To make GE Experience as flexible as possible, we structured the program into four pillars:

  • Fully developed lesson plans that minimize teachers’ preparation time and clearly define objectives, discussions, and great activities. Lesson packets include worksheets, talking points, and directions to other helpful resources.
  • Weekly videos of Toby and David filmed on location in famous and intriguing places worldwide. These mini-episodes are directly linked to objectives in the lesson plans and give students concrete reference points for the topics covered.
  • Live broadcasts with Toby and David in exotic locations around the world. Students and Teachers are able to chat in their questions and comments and Toby and David reply in real-time via a live video feed right to the classroom.
  • Travel Companion workbooks with fun, informative activities allow students to learn about the countries and cultures Toby and David visit. The chapters of the workbook directly follow Toby and David’s itinerary, and the activities complement other materials from the GE Experience seamlessly.

The beauty of the GE Experience is that teachers have full control of how their students participate, including the ability to manage all access to media, activities, and optional lessons.

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